Monday, November 30, 2015

Second Drafts of Your Papers

1.  Please proofread your document carefully before you submit it.  Silly errors should be absent from this submission.

2.  On many of the first drafts I suggested changing the order of the presentation.  You need to assure that with your new arrangement there is still a nice flow from one paragraph to the next.  If you see now way out of having a break in the discussion, put in a new section header to signify the change in topic.

3.  Along with your second draft, you should submit a document with my comments and your discussion of how you responded to them.  Each comment by me should be followed with a couple of sentences by you on how you disposed of it.  This will greatly assist in my reading of your drafts.

4.  If your paper is reasonable, I will simply send you an Okay email, which means you can proceed to the last stage of the project - your elevator speech qua PowerPoint presentation.  If your paper is not quite up to snuff, I will insist you make some more changes to it before you proceed to the last stage.

5.  If you would like to discuss you paper with me outside of class, I would be happy to meet you for that purpose.

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