Saturday, November 21, 2015

Grades have been uploaded into Moodle

Sorry that this took me quite a long time.  But it is there now.  Please note the following.

1.  The exam questions were each worth 40 points.  So the maximum possible score was 120.  (On the test itself, it said each question was worth 50 point.  That was a mistake based on last year's exam.)

2.  The average score was about 84%, which is not bad.  So unlike the first midterm, I didn't give any further points to pad the score.

3.  Note that on the Excel homework, there are actually 9 of these.  So you get 10 free points, which is what is in the item labeled bonus.

4.  You can see the class grade distribution in a file labeled Midterm 2 Results.

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