Sunday, November 15, 2015

About the marked up versions of your papers

I have just now finished marking up the 8th paper.  I'm hopeful that by the end of the day I can do 3 more of these and then perhaps a couple more tomorrow morning.  If you don't get your marked up paper by class tomorrow, give me a nudge and I will get it done in the afternoon.

I plan to spend a few minutes of class time tomorrow illustrating what you need to do from a Word Processing point of view to produce your second drafts and to show you have responded to my comments.  On the substance of what you write and what I've commented on, you are welcome to discuss that with me either via email or by setting up a meeting with me.

Do note that I am commenting as I read, one time through only.  I am not waiting to read through the whole paper and then return to make comments.  That might be fairer to you, but it is just too time consuming for me.  It also illustrates to you how I read.  I make argument with what I'm reading then and there.  What I hope your writing in response does is to grapple with that argument and to anticipate some further argument.

Finally, on a technical note, please know that I'm putting in a section break between your title page and the first page of your paper.  I'm also using page numbering that utilizes the Different First Page feature, so that the first page with a page number is page 2 of the body of the paper (page 3 of the document).

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