Thursday, October 22, 2015

Reminder: When Blog Posts and Comments Are Due

I try to read and comment on your blog posts on Saturday and for some posts that come in early I might do some reading and commenting on Friday.  This is why the deadline for these posts is Friday evening.  Many of you have been getting your posts done after the deadline.  If you get it in on Saturday, you are probably okay, especially if I'm still reading other posts at the time yours comes in.   There have been one or two weekends where I couldn't finish all the posts on Saturdays and had to read some of them on Sunday morning.  It is then that I will accept posts coming in on Sunday.  However, once I'm done reading all the posts that have come in, I'm done for that week.  If you submit later than that I will not read your post and you won't get credit for submitting it.

Earlier in the semester I accommodated late posts because I wanted everyone to start on a good foot.  We're past that point now.  Please get your posts in before the deadline.

There is an additional requirement that you respond to my comment on your post with a comment of your own.  Preferably, that happens before class on Monday.  Truthfully, that is too hard for me to monitor on a regular basis.  However, when I graded your blog posts last week I did read all your comments.  Many students are not making them.  I urge you to do so.  Point-wise there are 50 points (5%) of your raw score allocated for comments.  More importantly for me as a teacher, I'd like to know that you've considered what I said and that we're having a little back and forth on your posts.  That is there to encourage your learning.

On Monday, I'll try to bring this mechanism into our discussion of the Daniel Pink video.  I wonder if you can connect the two before our class next meets.

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