Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Please email me your project team name, member names, and copy your teammate on the message

So far, I've heard from 5 of 9 teams that were created in class today.  Below is a listing of what I have at present.  Note that team members are listed by the economist from whom their alias was derived.

If I have heard from you and your team is listed here, you should have gotten a confirmation email from me.  For the time being you are all set.  When you have more information on your project, send it to me.

If I have not yet heard from you but your were there today and assigned to a team, please email me with your team name and team members.  I need this in large part to determine who wasn't there today.  I will do that by the process of elimination from the class roster.

Later today I will make another post (it might be tomorrow morning) with instructions for you on the class project including the deadline for the first draft of the paper.

Thanks for your attent.

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