Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Deadlines for Project Milestones

It is important to note in considering this that:
(a) you need to complete the prior step in order to do the next step and
(b) you need to get feedback from me on your work in the prior step before you can proceed on the next step.

For (b), in other words, you may want to get going but you are waiting on me to give you feedback and give you the go ahead.  I will try not to be the bottleneck on this, but if you are worried that I might be (and there is some reason that is a realistic concern because getting a pile of papers all at once is discouraging and my energy level isn't what it used to be) then the solution is to get your work in well before the deadlines.  Indeed, that way you are likely to get more feedback and get a better grade on the project overall.

That said, this is now what is posted on the class calendar:

First Draft of Paper Due -  Friday, November 13 at Noon.
Second Draft of Paper Due - Friday, December 4 at Noon.
Final Presentation Due - Reading Day, Thursday December 10 at Noon.

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