Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Excel Tutorial

The message below is a repeat of the calendar entry about this homework, which is due 9/1 at 11 PM. If you have questions about how to do the homework, you can pose that as comments to this post.


This is the first homework, though it really is a preparation for the future Excel homework that you will do.  This one is meant to teach you how to go about doing them, even if you are not very comfortable with Excel.

Go to the link below.  Then click the download button that is in the bar above the preview pane.  Save the file somewhere on your computer where you can find it later.

If you have questions about the content of this homework, please post those as a comment to those post.  I will try to respond within 24 hours.  Other students in the class should also feel free to respond.

Note that you get 10 points for completing the homework AND SUBMITTING your key to the Web form that is linked in the homework.


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